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mercoledì 28 dicembre 2011

Getting ready to leave!!!!

Hi dears, how are you doing??
These days have been really exciting for me!! 
I have been so busy with my moving in, lunches and dinners with relatives and friends that I couldn't find so much time neither to post nor to study my Paris guide!! :(

hope I'll manage to prepare a sort of traveling schedule before leaving tomorrow afternoon!

just two pics taken while I was wondering what to put in the suitcase...the weather is gonna be uncertain...sadly rain is very likely.. :(
Finding something nice and effective to wear won't be easy...

anyway....can't wait to leave!!!


5 commenti:

  1. io amo Parigii!! :D
    goditela e divertiti!!

  2. OOO have fun In paris! I am going to paris in may for the first time.So it will be great to hear some tips from you!!!Enjoy the city!

  3. paris is beautiful! have fun:)

  4. enjoy!!! i can't wait to read your travel expirience in Paris.

  5. Parigi... il mio sogno!
    Buon viaggio e buon 2012! Laura.