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martedì 29 novembre 2011

Discovering Arizona

Do you remember my pics from San Diego??
While I was there, I took some time to visit some interesting of them is Arizona!

This land took my heart with its breathless horizons, vivid colours and bare rocks! 
it's so amazing I wanna share it with you...follow me during this journey!

ready to leave! ;)

Our trip started from Phoenix (hottest city ever!) where we rented a car and left towards north, aiming to travel across the state seeing as much as possible of the incredible nature around us...

We left the city driving on the route 17 that leads to Flagstaff. The landscape here is amazing: endless desert expanses all around rocks and the perfect blue sky... 

Then we stopped in a unique city, Sedona, where the red rocks are surrounded by a profuse green vegetation. 
I suggest you to stop by if you get the chance to be definetely deserves a stop!

Back in the car we finally entered the outstanding Monument Valley, whose unforgettable rocks require tons of pictures!

aren't they amazing??
The next stop was The Four Corners Monument, the exact point among Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico! kind of exclusive being there! 

After that we took the famous Route 66 and drove towards Grand Canyon...
the landscape was incredibly changing...we abandoned the desert to discover a land covered with pines and, here and there, also with snow!!

And eventually we reached the Grand Canyon! this is a place I think everybody has to see at least once in his life...when you get there, on the edge of the cliffs, the view is so vast you can't embrace it all... and you are so stunned by what you are seeing that you just want to keep looking and looking!

hope I was able to convey a bit of what I felt when I was there...this trip gave me so much in terms of sensations that it makes me willing of doing nothing but traveling in my life!

have a nice day!


lunedì 28 novembre 2011

Beautiful Milan

Oh girls, how hard getting up this morning!! wonder who has invented Mondays....  :S

yesterday I spent the day with my boyfriend and a couple of friends in Milan..I love this city (I consider it "my" city even if I have lived there only for a few years when I was a baby...) and sometimes my only wish is to stroll around, among flea markets, shops and lights...the atmosphere is special and it gets even more magic when Christmas is coming...

yesterday was a perfect day and we wandered along Naviglio Grande, Piazza Duomo, Brera and Castello Sforzesco... 

I try not to wear only black in winter but it's kind of difficult...what do you think about the outfit I chose??


I was wearing
Kaos dress
Kaos cardigan (I'll show it in another post, here you can't see it! ;P)
Biker boots
Carpisa bag
Coconuda coat

domenica 27 novembre 2011

Playing at the park

Good morning beauties!!
I just woke up and I'm kind of tired but I have to get ready to go to Milan: thanks to the wonderful weather I'm strolling around in my beautiful city today!

Here some pics I took yesterday (my sister F. was my special photographer!) in a little recreation ground in my village...

Does it ever happen to you to be in a playful mood and feel like a child again??
for me sometimes it's a safety valve and brings me back to restfulness...

yesterday was one of those days...

I was wearing:
Imperial shirt
Stradivarius shorts
Zara cardigan
Calzedonia tights
Kaos foulard
Ovyè by Cristina Lucchi boots

enjoy your day!