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sabato 19 novembre 2011

100 Contemporary Fashion Designers - my fave

Hi dears!!

"I think of a mood, a way of living, of certain needs"

do you know who told that?? keep reading to find out... ;) you now, on thursday I went to Milan to scout Versace for H&M collection....together with some items I also bought a really interesting book (that you already saw here), called 100 contemporary fashion designers!

It's so nice to read and find out something more about the creators of such beauty and style that it makes me willing to share it with you!!

hope you'll appreciate this! ;)

today I'm talking about... one of my favourite fashion designer ever...Frida Giannini for Gucci!

I've always admired her collections, her choice of colors and the gracefullness of her models...not to mention winter collection 2012! I'm totally in love with it!

My new fashion "bible" says...

"In March 2005, Frida Giannini was charged with pushing Gucci, one of the most recognisable status labels of the late 20th century, into a new era. She is responsible for its high-profile accessories and womenswear collections, which has become synonymous with figure-hugging pencil skirts, glamorous sportswear and vixenish eveningwear, a look established by Gucci's former designer, Tom Ford, during the 90's. Established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci as a saddlery shop in Florence, the company had been a traditional family-run Italian business until Guccio's grandson Maurizio sold his final share of the brand in 1993. It was Guccio who first intertwined his initials to create the iconic logo. Yet until Tom Ford came along in the mid 90's, the brand's image was lacklustre. In 2004, Ford exited Gucci, and new management filled his position not with a single designer but with a team of three, all of whom were promoted internally; John Ray for menswear, Alessandra Facchinetti for womenswear and Frida Giannini for accessories. In march 2005, Facchinetti also left Gucci and Giannini was then also made responsible for women's clothing collections.

Born in Rome 1972, Giannini studied at the city's Fashion Academy; in 1997 she landed a job as ready-to-wear designer at Fendi, before first joining Gucci in 2002. Her "Flora" collection of flowery-printed accessories was the commercial hit of 2004. By 2005, she was named creative director of Gucci women's ready-to-wear. In 2006, she took over menswear. Frida has since put her distinctive stamp on the label, celebrating the house's inimitable past and expertise in luxury craftsmanship, while adding youth, colour and a playful extravagance. Giannini has also been integral in bringing celebrities to the brand  - Drew Barrymore and Claire Danes for the jewellery campaigns, James Franco for fragrance, while working closely with Madonna and Rihanna on charitable initiatives."

Interviewer: "How would you describe your work?"
Frida: "Great research. Necessary adaptation. Fabulous team work. Very hard work. Reflection. Attention to what is happening in the world. Great results."

I. : "What inspires you?"
F.G. : "Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who, to me, is the ultimate in elegance."

I. : "What do you have in mind when you design?"
F.G. : "I think of a mood, a way of living, of certain needs of women and men. The possibility to link the history of the Gucci brand, of Gucci's iconic pieces, with contemporary design and styles."

I. : "Who has been the greatest influence on your career?"
F.G. : "My passion, my family, my drive, music, the world of vintage"

I. : "Have you ever been influenced or moved by reactions to your designs?"
F.G. : "All reactions from the public, whether positive or negative, can only be productive and open "new roads" for the next direction".

I. : "What is your definition of beauty?"
F.G. : " Beauty is very subjective and personal and I believe that when something gives pleasure to your eyes and to your soul...well, that's beautiful"

let's feast our eyes on her last collection!

Am I too eager if I say I want them all??
with love

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  1. Don't worry, I want them all too, haha!
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  2. bought the book too! haven't opened it though lol !


  3. adorable collections!!! the outfits are sexy, stunning and i soo love them all... enjoyed your blog, following you nnow, hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!

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  6. anch'io li voglio tutti! mi piacciono sopratutti i colori dei vestiti,

  7. Beautiful pictures - I really like your blog!


  8. Thanks so much girls!!I'm really happy u like it!

  9. I love this collections!