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giovedì 17 novembre 2011

Shopping time!

Hi girls!!
today has been a busy day!
In the morning I had to work but in the afternoon my only goal was to get to H&M in time to find something left...
so the question was what to wear to be suitable for working time and also comfy to shop all the afternoon long...
my choice has been a printed dress matched with a black cardigan and the cosy boots you already saw at my feet in this post....
what do you think of this outfit?

After work I went to la Rinascente with a friend...we had lunch there at the top floor (the 7th!) of the building!! I was really disappointed I forgot my camera, the sight from there is breathtaking (you can see the beautiful Cathedral of Milan from there!) and the top floor of Rinascente is too nice! (I promise that, sooner or later, I will take lots of pics there!)

The next stop was (of course!) H&M!! sadly I didn't find any of the items I showed you in the last post :(

I bought something anyway... take a look!

the black foulard (and the brown bracelet in the following pics) is H&M too (bought today) but not from the Versace collection. 
isn't it cute??

Zara pumps

Zara suit 

What do you think of what I bought??

Were you able to find something interesting from Versace collection??


I was wearing
Kaos dress
Kaos cardigan
Calzedonia tights
Biker boots

16 commenti:

  1. love the new scarves, so precious!!

    just started a new blog

  2. ottimi acquisti :D complimenti sopratutto i due foulard sono meravigliosi :D

  3. Bellissimi acquisti!! Mi piacciono soprattutto il foulard nero e le scarpe di Zara :) ciao!!

  4. I love everything you bought and your outfit too. LOve to use tights during this season. I envy you, I´d love to have H&M here. .Kisses from

  5. I love your dress and boots, and of the H&M Versace stuff is so amazing!!!! Great blog, I am now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  6. beata te per quello della Versace, ieri pure a Barcellona c'era un sacco di gente che aspettava, ma io non sono andata..
    Mi piace il tuo look! molto carina.

  7. bought some beautiful scarves from Versace for HM...lucky you!! I was lazy to queue up the long long I had nothing from this collaboration:( Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm following you now. Please follow me back if you like my blog too:)

    Fashion Cat

  8. Lovely post and love your H&M buys :)

  9. madrid was impossible to get somthing...
    thanks a lot for your comment, im following u sice now
    hope u follow me back ;-D

  10. Any simple piece of wardrobe look great with silk scarf detail! love Versace for HM scarves)

  11. Love that Versace choker, great pick!
    xo Cara

  12. The book is very interesting!

  13. nice one ! did u buy any dresses or skirts or even the jacket? :)


  14. Nope :( I didn't find anything when I finally got there...

    thanks so much everybody for your comments and support!! ;)

  15. Molto bello quel foular, purtroppo quando sono arrivata io non c'era! :(

    Grazie per essere passata, se vuoi ci possiamo seguire a vicenda (:

    un bacio

  16. lovely outfit! I love how you put the colors together. Im now following. If you have time, check out my blog also <3