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martedì 22 novembre 2011

San Diego is in my heart

I am so busy these days, I have no time to take new I figured out it would be really nice to share with you some of the memories that keep living inside me...

the best of all is for sure my living in San Diego for 6 months... I have been there in 2008 and I still think about it as it were yesterday...

I went there with my ex boyfriend Alessandro after we both graduated...

we visited a lot of amazing places but San Diego takes up its own place in my heart...I am totally in love with it!

so here's some photos about my months there.... don't be too harsh on outfit was some years ago and my taste were kind of different! ;)

 almost ready to leave...

wonderful view over the U.S. (if I remember well.. :P )

first street next to our house...impressive isn't it??

San Diego Pacific Beach a mall in front of Starbucks of course!

 that's amore!!!

me, Alessandro and Greg

Little Italy

so cute!!!

Six Flags - AMAZING rollercoaster park near L.A.

me and my friend Vanina

La Jolla - S.D.

I think the only cloudy day in six months!!

Pacific Beach - San Diego

Petco park - where San Diego Padres play baseball

Hard Rock Hotel

have you ever been there??

I am looking forward to going back there sooner or later!!!

suggest you all to visit it asap!!


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  1. thank you for your comment! i like your blog! follow for follow? ;-) i wait for you! kisses

  2. wow love the pictures... I reaaally want to go there now haha! :) also following your blog now.. xx

  3. love your pics!! very nice blog too

    pls look also at my blog and become a friend too :)

    XO, Carmen

  4. great photos looks like so much fun!

  5. this looks amazing, beautiful photos!

  6. Hi Vale!! You get a new follower i love your blog and i miss our time in SD!!!
    I wish you the best!!! xoxoxox


  7. These are some really good memories! ;-)

    Thanks for your comment.


  8. love your photos!

  9. What beautiful photos! It was certainly a wonderful experience!
    Thank you for visiting my blog! :))

  10. Incredible pics!! :)
    thanks for your comment!


  11. Such a beautiful collection of pictures of a wonderful city or area - have you also visited La Jolla in the evening...

    Tanja - or via Bloglovin

  12. i live in san diego!!
    and love every second of it!

  13. that was so very beautiful and enticing. u tok us to a whole tour..thanks forshring

    following u now

  14. Amazing photos! so inspiring! Beach is divine looking)

  15. Tanja I used to go there on Thursday night to dance! I think the place was called Jack's! was so much fun!!

    Lucia I'm soo jealous!!!!really love SD!!!

    thanks girls, all of you!

  16. this is awesome, keep it up! i'll definitely be coming back!
    and i hope you'll come by and visit sometime soon!

  17. Wow those are incredible photos! I would love for you to check out my blog too, it's a personal style and fashion blog by me in England. It would be great if you could stop by and leave a comment if you like it :) :)