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sabato 31 dicembre 2011

The magic influence of the Zodiac

Here we are...last hours of 2011...
how are you going to spend this faboulous night??
as most of you already know, I'm in Paris, sad cos it's raining...hope tonight won't...fingers crossed!

waiting for the next year to come, here's the horoscope 2012 by Vogue accessories...let's find out how the zodiac is influencing us, in "an interpretation of winter accessories full of aesthetic references to the past that has a magical, fairy-tale feel".

Aries - No need to fight to get past obstacles no matter what. You will get what you want! 
Ariete - Senza combattere a tutti i costi contro gli ostacoli, conquisterete ciò che desiderate.

Taurus - Jupiter in your sign will be an amazing ally - as long as you keep calm!
Toro - Giove nel segno sarà un alleato strepitoso: a patto che non perdiate la calma!

Gemini - Everything has two sides in life. If you accept the other side of the coin, you will be rewarded for it in the summer.
Gemelli - Tutto nella vita è duale: accettando anche l'altra parte della medaglia, l'estate vi ricompenserà.

Cancer - You close yourself off inside, but you have to learn to deal with the rest of the world. You love soft lighting and colors with pearly sheen.
Cancro - Chiusi in voi stessi, amanti di colori perlacei e luci soffuse, dovrete imparare a relazionarvi con il resto del mondo.

Leo - 2012 will be lively and stimulating. You don't have anything to hide. You will be appreciated for loyalty.
Leone - Il 2012 sarà vivace e stimolante, non avrete bisogno di maschere. Sarete apprezzati per la lealtà.

Virgo - You are sexy and playful. You are being invited to take part in a something new and lively.
Vergine - Sexy e giocosi, sarete invitati a vivere una nuova dimensione di grande energia. 

Libra - Staying balanced with the rest of the world won't be easy but as Saturn gets further away, things will get simpler.
Bilancia - Rimanere in equilibrio con il resto del mondo non sarà facile, ma Saturno, allontanandosi, renderà tutto più semplice.

Scorpio - Don't try to pigeonhole your negative memories. Free your mind and 2012 will be splendid.
Scorpione - Non incasellate i ricordi sgradevoli, ma liberate la mente  e il 2012 sarà splendido.

Sagittarius - The year will give you the chance to hone in on your objectives. New loves are possible.
Sagittario - L'anno vi offrirà la possibilità di centrare gli obiettivi desiderati. Possibili anche nuovi amori.

Capricorn - You are used to reaching impossible heights. If you put your pride aside, you'll enjoy an exceptional 2012.
Capricorno - Abituati a scalare vette impossibili, se metterete da parte l'orgoglio potrete godervi un 2012 eccezionale.

Aquarius - You are vital and dreamy. You'll navigate a sea of emotions where there's no room for hasty solutions.
Acquario Sognanti, navigherete in un mare di emozioni, senza spazio per soluzioni affrettate.

Pisces - You have to force yourself to come out of your dream world and cast your net in reality. Neptune will show you the way.
Pesci - Dovrete sforzarvi di uscire dai sogni virtuali e pescare in una realtà concreta. Nettuno vi indicherà la strada.

what are you expecting from the new year??
any New Year's resolutions??

wish you all the best 2012 possible!
thanks for your affection!!

with love

venerdì 30 dicembre 2011

In Paris!!!!

Hey we are, in Paris!!
just a few pictures taken at the airport...

talk to you soon!!!


mercoledì 28 dicembre 2011

Getting ready to leave!!!!

Hi dears, how are you doing??
These days have been really exciting for me!! 
I have been so busy with my moving in, lunches and dinners with relatives and friends that I couldn't find so much time neither to post nor to study my Paris guide!! :(

hope I'll manage to prepare a sort of traveling schedule before leaving tomorrow afternoon!

just two pics taken while I was wondering what to put in the suitcase...the weather is gonna be uncertain...sadly rain is very likely.. :(
Finding something nice and effective to wear won't be easy...

anyway....can't wait to leave!!!


Random from Christmas days

Some random pictures I took in the last days, trying to make myself familiar with my new camera... doesn't look like Christmas tho...snow is an indispensable ingredient for that, at least here in Italy!

as you can see my wardrobe is getting more and more full...
I love these moving days!!

what are you doing during this holiday??

are you planning something special for NYE???

with love

lunedì 26 dicembre 2011

My new baby

Guys, look at what was waiting for me under my Christmas tree!!!! 
my boy made a good choice! XD

this new babe will follow me everywhere...starting from Paris!!! 

have you received what you hoped for??


venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

Breathing Christmas air...

Hi darlings!
what are you doing a few days before Christmas??
I spent my first holiday afternoon in Milan with my boyfriend looking for the last gifts...
just a picture of what I was wearing.. (plz do not mind the leaning boy was overloaded with packets!)

we had lunch at the 7th floor of the Rinascente (I love that place), where you can admire the beautiful pinnacles of the Cathedral...

on that floor you can find many shops selling all kind of food...look at these pictures and tell me they ain't amazing!

those shoes are wonderful and they are made of ... chocolate!! It's a pity that you have to eat them!!!

the windows of La Rinascente were beautiful too! aren't they??

where are you gonna spend this Christmas?? and with whom??
I'm going to stay with my family (sadly without my sister that is in Estonia right now! :-( )
it's the most important thing right for me and it's the occasion to meet the relatives I only see a few times a year...anything else could make me happier at Christmas!!

have a merry merry Christmas sweeties!!!

with love

martedì 20 dicembre 2011

I forgot the double rainbow!!

In this last post about Hawaii I forgot to show you a picture in which I caught the first (and maybe only one) complete double rainbow I have ever seen! Isn't it magical??


lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

Aloha from Hawaii

After I told you about me visiting San Diego and Arizona, now I wanna share with you some photos of a place that got its own space inside my heart and it's still there...Hawaii!

We went to Oahu island on our last week in the United States, to go out with a bang! ;)

Our hotel was in front of the main beach in Honolulu (you'll see a lot of sunset pics taken from there!) but we rented a car and traveled all around the isle...
I loved every corner of it!!

hope you all can get at least a bit of the emotion I felt every time my eyes landed on a new sight! enjoy!

so in love with it!

have you ever been there??