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mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

Marni for H&M

While everybody is thinking about next season's fashionweeks, I'm concentrated on this spring's new collections, hoping that summer will arrive, eventually...

one of these new collections is, as you surely well know, the one Marni drew for H&M!
Consuelo Castiglioni took inspiration from the African lands and gave an ethnic mood to the whole collection! as you will see the prints (above all the dots one) and the shapes remind to the 60's too...

here some items I chose among their proposals... it's not my fave style but some pieces are really worth going and having a look around!

what's your favourite item??
the collection is sold starting from the 8th of March (in Italy at least)... what better occasion to celebrate the woman's day by buying something ourself?? ;)

with love

venerdì 17 febbraio 2012

My new babies

...wondering what I am talking about?? 
New shoes of course!! ;)
I ordered them on (one of my best discoveries lately!) and they arrived this morning!! 
just in time to come with me to Forlì for the weekend (one of them at least!)! I'm visiting one of my best friends that has been living there for a while now... Tomorrow is going to be her birthday so we are having a big party to celebrate!! 

wish u all a great weekend dears!!
talk to u soon!!

p.s. there are the flowers my boy gave for Valentine's day...
 I couldn't help to post them here  ;)

mercoledì 15 febbraio 2012

Do you know....Proenza Schouler?

I have to admit I didn't know the existance of this brand until I started seeing their bags everywhere on fashionblogs... since my ignorance about it, I started browsing on the Internet in order to discover something more... 
I found an interesting introduction on "100 contemporary fashion designers", the book sold by H&M together with the Versace collection (remember this post?)

I'll share it here, in case somebody needs to catch up too! ;)

"Lazaro Hernandes and Jack McCollough are the American duo behind Proenza Schouler. The label has secured accounts with the world's most exclusive stores, won a Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) award for new talent and, for many, has put the New York collections back on the must-see fashion map. Its fans include American Vogue's editor Anna Wintour and her super-chic French counterpart Carine Roitfeld. All this has been achieved within the space of a few seasons. Both born in 1978, Hernandez, who was born in Miami of Spanish Cuban heritage, and McCollough, who was born in Tokyo and raised in New Jersey, first met at Parson's College in New York City. After Hernandez completed an internship at Michael Kors (on Anna Wintour's recommendation) and McCollough at Marc Jacobs, they made the unusual decision of working together on their senior collection. Winning the Designer of the Year award at Parson's student show and with their whole graduation collection snapped up by Barneys, Hernandes and McCollough quickly had to find a name. They came up with the nom de plume Proenza Schouler, combining each of their mothers' maiden names. Since then, Proenza Schouler have become part of a new breed of American designers who are choosing polish and sincere sofistication over grunge and thrift store irony, quickly perfecting a style that is particular to New York: a blend of tailored uptown glamour with sporty downtown nonchalance. Inspired by 50's couture - Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga and Coco Chanel - and pictures by Avedon and Penn, Proenza Schouler's signatures include their play with proportion, bolero jackets, bustiers and heavily worked detailing - a fusion of old-world luxury and new-world lifestyle. In 2004, the duo scooped the first-ever Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund award, winning a $200,000 cash prize and businness mentoring. In 2007, the duo received the esteemed award of CFDA Womenswear Designer of the year award. Only a few months later, Proenza Schouler partnered with Valentino Fashion Group SpA."

Lazaro Hernandes and Jack McCollough

and now take a look at these pics... actresses, models and socialites love Proenza Schouler!!

of all the beauties they created I'm in love with their bags...and since they are far too expensive for me I have found these cute and definetely cheaper versions!

found on ASOS

found on ASOS

found on

do you love Proenza Schouler?? what are your favourite items??

with love 

domenica 12 febbraio 2012

Thinking pastel for the spring

Hi beauties!! 
I'm so sorry I couldn't update my blog these past days but I've had a really hectic week at work.. not to mention the bad weather  (I should maybe say icy) that hasn't given me the chance to take outfit photos...
I now seize the opportunity to talk about a ss12 trend I didn't mention in my post about spring-summer collections ... pastel colours!

I have a special fling for these tones, they are so delicate and have an innate elegance...and they look awesome with tan!

Instead of showing you what I prefer from the catwalks, I wanna share with you some items of affordable brands...'cos you don't need to spend much to be fashion!
hope u'll apprecciate it! ;)

H&M 39,95 €

H&M 29,95 €

Falila top -Vila 29,95 € on

Zara 4,99 €

Zara 39,95 €

Zara 9,99 € (on sale!)

ASOS 62,50 € (50% sale)

ASOS 67 €

ASOS 35€

H&M 19,95 €

Zara 79,95 €

Zara 39,95 €
ASOS 27,95 €

ASOS 49 €

Zara 59,95 €

ASOS Pandora 63 €

Nelly shoes Anabel 42.95 € on

Zara 79,95 €

Zara 49,95 €

Neela Nelly Shoes 15 € (50% sale) on

Karen Timeless 59.95 € on

Zara 79,95 €

enjoy your shopping!!   ;)

with love