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domenica 12 febbraio 2012

Thinking pastel for the spring

Hi beauties!! 
I'm so sorry I couldn't update my blog these past days but I've had a really hectic week at work.. not to mention the bad weather  (I should maybe say icy) that hasn't given me the chance to take outfit photos...
I now seize the opportunity to talk about a ss12 trend I didn't mention in my post about spring-summer collections ... pastel colours!

I have a special fling for these tones, they are so delicate and have an innate elegance...and they look awesome with tan!

Instead of showing you what I prefer from the catwalks, I wanna share with you some items of affordable brands...'cos you don't need to spend much to be fashion!
hope u'll apprecciate it! ;)

H&M 39,95 €

H&M 29,95 €

Falila top -Vila 29,95 € on

Zara 4,99 €

Zara 39,95 €

Zara 9,99 € (on sale!)

ASOS 62,50 € (50% sale)

ASOS 67 €

ASOS 35€

H&M 19,95 €

Zara 79,95 €

Zara 39,95 €
ASOS 27,95 €

ASOS 49 €

Zara 59,95 €

ASOS Pandora 63 €

Nelly shoes Anabel 42.95 € on

Zara 79,95 €

Zara 49,95 €

Neela Nelly Shoes 15 € (50% sale) on

Karen Timeless 59.95 € on

Zara 79,95 €

enjoy your shopping!!   ;)

with love

9 commenti:

  1. Love the blazer from H&M, the peach/pink shoes with glitter heel from Zara and the pink dress from Asos - all amazing items.

    Camilla /

  2. Love these! You picked some super cute pieces :) I think pastel hues are so refreshing. I love the 90s inspired looks at ASOS and Zara. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Ooh I love these picks especially the chic green Zara pants!
    Follow me back? (:

  4. Hey! I love everything but my favourite pick is the blouse on and the one from H&M with cute birds! xoxo

    Ti aspetto su Sprinkle of Fashion! ;)

  5. omg cant wait until that mint green color takes over the world!

    Glass of Fashion

  6. I love pastel and light blue above all!

  7. Thanks for your comment!! I love this post, is very inspirational! Love all the items! I´m a fan of pastel colours!

  8. nice choices!

  9. Loving all these picks and colors for Spring! So excited!! Xx