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martedì 29 novembre 2011

Discovering Arizona

Do you remember my pics from San Diego??
While I was there, I took some time to visit some interesting of them is Arizona!

This land took my heart with its breathless horizons, vivid colours and bare rocks! 
it's so amazing I wanna share it with you...follow me during this journey!

ready to leave! ;)

Our trip started from Phoenix (hottest city ever!) where we rented a car and left towards north, aiming to travel across the state seeing as much as possible of the incredible nature around us...

We left the city driving on the route 17 that leads to Flagstaff. The landscape here is amazing: endless desert expanses all around rocks and the perfect blue sky... 

Then we stopped in a unique city, Sedona, where the red rocks are surrounded by a profuse green vegetation. 
I suggest you to stop by if you get the chance to be definetely deserves a stop!

Back in the car we finally entered the outstanding Monument Valley, whose unforgettable rocks require tons of pictures!

aren't they amazing??
The next stop was The Four Corners Monument, the exact point among Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico! kind of exclusive being there! 

After that we took the famous Route 66 and drove towards Grand Canyon...
the landscape was incredibly changing...we abandoned the desert to discover a land covered with pines and, here and there, also with snow!!

And eventually we reached the Grand Canyon! this is a place I think everybody has to see at least once in his life...when you get there, on the edge of the cliffs, the view is so vast you can't embrace it all... and you are so stunned by what you are seeing that you just want to keep looking and looking!

hope I was able to convey a bit of what I felt when I was there...this trip gave me so much in terms of sensations that it makes me willing of doing nothing but traveling in my life!

have a nice day!


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  1. Ohhhh ohhh ohhhh what a lovely blog!! So inspiring :))


  2. Great pics!!! :)

    Thx for your comment on

  3. Great post... Love all these photos :)

  4. Immagini stupende! Grazie per essere passata da noi!

  5. looks so beautiful, sunny and hot, aah How I miss summer! :) ~ Gabriele xx

  6. woow love this amazing photos!!!! Grazie x il commento sul mio blog!!! Ti seguo su bloglovin, ricambia se ti va!!! bacibaci

  7. wow bellissimo viaggio e belle foto!!! =D baci

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  9. grazie a tutti!!! I'll go and see all your blogs, thank u!!!

  10. wow, beautiful places :)

  11. seems like u had awesome time :)
    great pictures!
    loves from nepal

  12. WOW!! Che sogno di viaggio!! Invidia invidia invidia!!! ;p
    Bellissime foto!


  13. thank you so much for your comment!!
    wow these pictures are amazing!! I really would like to travel there anytime..

    ♥ Amuna

  14. Thank you so much for your comment! I really like your blog!
    I see that you love to travel, I think it's awesome. I love it to so much!

    Have you ever been in Russia?

  15. so cool post :) beautiful pics <3

  16. thank u all so much!!happy u liked them!

    @MariaMuse I really love traveling, as far as I can do...and I have never been to Russia so far, but it's definetely on my list! ;)

    @keep in touch with fashion: I'm following u, hope u'll do the same! ;)

  17. i went to scottsdale this year to visit a friend. arizona is totally not what i expected! it's amazing there!

  18. wow, great photos. looks like you had a lot of fun. i'd love to visit arizona sometime :) xx

  19. oh yes, Arizona totally deserves a road trip! ;)

  20. Looks like a wonderful trip! Thanks for commenting my blog! Would you like to exchange links of follow each other?

  21. Wow che foto meravigliose!! Che bellissimo viaggio non sai quanto ti invidio!

    Grazie per essere passata da me mi ha fatto molto piacere! Mi piace il tuo blog, ti andrebbe di seguirci a vicenda? Sarebbe fantastico!

  22. Sono felice che ti piaccia ciò che ho scritto!:) Questo post è molto bello.

    Ti aspetto nuovamente
    PS: inoltre sono tua follower, ricambia!

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  24. This post is great and it looks like you had a blast!


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  28. thanks for comment :)
    mabye, I give on my blog translator. :D

    You saw a very nice views !
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  29. love it!

  30. You guys look adorable!! <3

  31. such a cute couple! i love your blog... and really love your effortlessly chic style. i enjoyed browsing your blog very much. :) new follower, and hoping we can stay connected!